Disk Drill Recovery Files on Your PowerPC

Mistakes can happen any time.  I think one of the most common catastrophic events to happen on a computer is the loss of data.  It’s so easy to accidentally delete something, and sometimes things just disappear out of the blue and I have no idea how.  But with Disk Drill your data will be more protected because this application protects your files from accidental deletion with Recovery Vault, and also recovers lost data from Mac disks.  It’s totally user friendly and when you delete something on your computer Recovery Vault will make it simple for you to recover that data, in the event you change your mind.

*Disk Drill 1.8.198 – http://www.cleverfiles.com/mac-data-recovery.html - (Basic Version: Free / Pro Version: $89 / Expert Version $169 / Enterprise Version $299).  PowerPC friend 10.5 / Leopard.  Recover damaged, corrupted and deleted data from HFS, HFS+, FAT, NTFS and other file systems…

If you are asking yourself what Recovery Vault is, then you should check out this link that better explains this technology.   http://help.cleverfiles.com/why-recovery-vault/

Which one is right for you?  Check out this link: http://www.cleverfiles.com/pro.html

Data is very important and if you have to spend a small amount of money to make sure that your files are safe and protected, I recommend that you at least think about Recovery Files and consider the options that best fits your needs.

Tiger users 10.4.11 can instal the version 1.8.203 or 1.3.123 -  We would like to inform that Disk Drill won’t work on Tiger OSX.  Some of our readers had test and none of those worked on Tiger OS X.

6 comments on “Disk Drill Recovery Files on Your PowerPC

    • Hi, I couldn’t try on 10.4.11 because I don’t have Tiger OS X installed on my iMac, but I was checking and I think the version 1.8.203 might work on 10.4.11. If not you should take a look at this version: 1.3.123 – both can be download from this link: http://disk-drill.en.softonic.com/mac – Just click on exclamation point on Latest Version: for Mac 1.8.203 and you will have an option to download the old one. :)

  1. I have been using this for years. Over those years it has saved hundreds of TB worth of data for my clients and myself. It can literally work miracles.

    Some drives I have used it on have been formatted well over 20-30 times and Disk Drill was able to find files from the very first. This is pretty much the same software that police use to scour evidence of hard drives.

    In regard to Tiger support I am pretty sure that was dropped around ver. 1.6 but don’t quote me on that. I started using it in early 08 and have only ever run it on Leopard.

    • I tried 1.8, I was able to install but a message told me that is not working for my iBook G4 running 10.4.11. by the way in Cleverfiles site minimum requiement are PPC & Leopard, and I asked if it exists a previous version and I got reply denying the existence; I was not able to find on Softonic site ver 1.3.123. May somebody give me the link? this program seems so usefull … Thanks

      • They don’t offer older versions so there is no link to give you. I am an official tester for this app and have been since over two years before it’s release to the public. I became an official tester in early 2008 and it was released in fall 2010. 1.6 did exist but it was never released. It was an internal transitional build. I simply remember reading something about Tiger in the documentation.

        You are going to have to run it on Leopard or not at all. Sorry.

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