AirFlick (AirPlay Mirroring) on PowerPC and Intel Dual Core :)

Most PowerPC users and some Intel Dual Core users really would like to have AirPlay to mirror Videos to our Apple TV without having to convert and sync with iTunes.

AirFlick is a beta version and there is no support but it works (sort of) on PowerPC.  AirFlick is a free application that allows you to stream videos from your computer to Apple TV.  Apparently, you’re also supposed to be able to stream videos from any URL address.

The fact is I recently updated my Apple TV and then I tried to use this application and for some reason it does not recognize my Apple TV, likely because of my upgrade.  But I saw some comments online which indicate that it seems to be working for some of you, but some users experience challenges with the URL streaming feature.  So if you guys want to try out AirFlick and share your experience if worked or not, please feel free to post on comments for the rest of us.  We appreciate your feedback!

AirFlick 0.51 (Free) 10.5.8 – Leopard – PowerPC –

More information & comments:


2 comments on “AirFlick (AirPlay Mirroring) on PowerPC and Intel Dual Core :)

  1. I just picked myself up a 1st generation Apple TV with a 160 GB HD for a reasonable >$100. I got the Airfick app when I saw this post , weeks in advance of my luck. My thing , and perhaps yours is that this only works on Apple TV 2. I did try this XBMC
    for it but have problems creating the USB maybe or maybe the Apple TV 2.3 needs an upgrade from the ” factory restore ” in settings. I can say that I’ve not needed, after the restore, to have an Internet connection to sync it with the iTunes library althought it did search. It had problems streaming content before the restore and always stopped after maybe 3 minutes. I guess my goal is to create the USB device , (although on a PPC its hard to tell) and verify that an ATV with 2.3 will boot from it. The USB device does not appear after completed but after trying it and it not working it mounts with full empty space. The terminal actually had wanted different input the second time as I copied the text from the first and second runs and unmount issues its a decent USB. Any help on this ? I’ve downloaded an openelec similar to the above and the swissarmyknife but this Crystalbuntu Linux OS looks the best… Any experience with these ?

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