Magic Mouse for Mac PowerPC

I was browsing at my local Apple Store and wondered if I could use the Magic Mouse on my PowerPC machine… I never actually stopped to check this information out, and ended up wrongly assuming that Magic Mouse was only for Intel!  Anyways after reading the “System Requirements” here is what I found:

System Requirements

• Mac computer with Bluetooth wireless technology

• OS X v10.5.8 or later with Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0* or OS X v10.6.1 or later with Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0

• Existing keyboard and mouse for setup

• Two AA batteries (included)

So the Magic Mouse works on Leopard, the only thing I have to do it is download this update and start using the Magic Mouse!

* Wireless Mouse Software Update 1.0 for Leopard –


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10 comments on “Magic Mouse for Mac PowerPC

  1. Yes it works fine on powerpc with 10.5 and the wireless mouse update.I had mine paired with my powermac g4 with no problems.
    However for me this mouse only makes sense with better touch tool installed, and since it is intel only…
    Howerver there are some tweaks and apps:

    Recently just changed it to a logitech M705,Best decision ever.

  2. Actually, it even works without this update.
    When I’ve bought my Powermac some time ago, I had some problems finding my Razer Imperator mouse, so I thought that maybe I should try run my Magic Mouse (for I knew this Powermac was shipped with Bluetooth unit) – and to my surprise it run pretty well. It was a fresh Leopard install, so 10.5 without any updates.

    • That’s very interesting, because I tried to run my Magic Mouse without the update and it did work but I could not use the scrolling, so after I installed the update it did work properly. Thanks Xenosage for sharing.

  3. Ah you’re right, scrolling doesn’t work. But the mouse itself works :D
    No problemo, all hail to PowerPC!

  4. Thank you guys! I suspected about magicmouse worked on powerpc architecture….i’m using powerbook g4 too and now rushing to buy my new white mouse.


    From Rio de janeiro

  5. I have never liked any mouse designed by Apple. I’ve used everything from the hockey puck imac mouse, to the magic mouse and have always been disappointed. The very best mouse I have ever bought and still use is the Logitech MX Revolution. I’m not sure if they even still sell it but you can pick them up on ebay. The next best thing I use on my mac is a Wacom tablet, but that’s not even a mouse.

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