iPhone 5 for Mac PowerPC

Lately I’ve been getting so addicted to the Anime One Piece, that I crave just 20 minutes to watch an episode, in my “free” time, which there never seems to be enough of!  But with this week’s announcement of the new iPhone 5, I just wasn’t able to properly focus.  As Kylie said, I just cant get it out of my head!

I’ve already received a few e-mails from my readers telling me how disappointed they are because the won’t be able to sync the new iPhone with the PowerPC!  But I’ve got news for you…if you have a 10 year old Windows XP you can! LOL!

Each company has different policies and it seems that Windows has more support for the old OS than Apple does.  It’s sad and I think that soon Mac users will start using hackintosh more than the PC users do, it’s just getting to be “too much”.  Apple computers are expensive to buy and after few years (and I mean 2 year), are already obsolete and I’m not telling this just for PowerPC users.  Look at the Intel Dual Core, which can be updated to Mountain Lion but can not be used for Airplay!  Dual Core was replaced for i3/i5/i7 in 2010…ONLY 2 years ago!  Also, Snow Leopard it’s not compatible with iCloud and other applications that were released just for Lion/Mountain Lion.  So long story short, either you change your Mac every 1 or 2 years and spend around $1,200.00 for each purchase to keep yourself up to date, or you can keep your best machine as your main machine and buy some cheap (and very powerful) PC for half the price of a Mac and Hackintosh it to keep your devices up to date! (just thinking)

While completing this iPhone research I found this application that is PowerPC friendly and I hope for the release of an update that would allow us to sync the iPhone 5.  It’s not free, but for what it does, it’s totally worth it!

* PhoneView v2.8.4 – http://ecamm.com/mac/phoneview/ – PowerPC 10.5 (Leopard)

P.S.: They just announced that works great with iOS 6 – If you guys have the iPhone 5 and try this application please share the results with us.

Stay strong!

14 comments on “iPhone 5 for Mac PowerPC

  1. Well, I know it’s not the case for iPhone 5, but if you do got iPhone 3-4S, which is jailbroken, you can actually use MyWi-Fi and sync your iPhone through Wi-Fi. It works under Leopard (sorry for Tiger users :S)

  2. I can’t afford an iPhone 5 anyway :-( :-)
    My “iPhone” is an old Samsung Star Wifi, very cheap, not so handy and no connection app for OSX, but I can call and sms so why bother?
    But I must say, I’m dreaming of a new iPod Nano, and I don’t think it can be connected to Leopard on PPC…

    • You are not the only one, I’m not looking forward to get the iPhone 5 and to tell you the truth I did not like it the design is weid, I don’t know why I just prefer my iPhone 4 that I expend a lot of $$$ to get it one year ago and I can not afford a new iPhone every year.

      • If I would have the money for an iPhone, I would prefer iPhone 3 which is much more “Mac”-designed… Rounded corners, soft back, in a way it might be inspired on the famous Clamshell… without equalling it of course…:-)

  3. Phoneview cannot be used to sync an iPhone since it does not transfer music to the phone (DRM issues ?). I asked the ecamm people this question and that was their response. I am borrowing a very old intel Mac to use with my new iPhone; there is apparently no other option.

  4. Just get an Android phone like I did. Even the newest ones will connect to powerpc macs and most have been offering what the iphone 5 call “new features” for years now (bigger screen, more storage, higher megapixels, multitasking, etc.)

    • I was seriously considering a Galaxy S3 until I played with one. It is a matter of aesthetics: I really can’t stand plasticky phones and I hated the look of the OS (I know, it can be changed). Side by side with my iPhone 4, the S3 seemed noticealbly less smooth. I do appreciate the much greater flexibility of android and its compatibility with my g4 machine. Although I have been using macs since 1984, I currently have exactly as much loyalty to the brand as apple as to me (I.e., none).

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