Wall-E is a Mac PowerPC

This videos is so cool that I really think Wall-E is a Mac and sure he is a PowerPC. The other side Eve would be an Intel Mac. This movie is old and there are so many Apple details that would drive all Apple fans crazy and I think it brings all of us together for one thing in common.

3 comments on “Wall-E is a Mac PowerPC

  1. Considering Wall-E is a Pixar Film, and Steve Jobs was co-founder and chief executive of Pixar….It stands to reason that Wall-E is a Mac…I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a PPC Mac as I’ve never seen my iBook G4 clean my home, yet, but I am ever hopeful!

  2. You know when I really think about it the intel mac has not brought any sort of new or innovative design trend to Apple computer. It’s been what now, 6 yrs? The macbook, the mac pro, the imac, the mini, they are designs which started in powerpc days but just slightly modified. Powerpc (G3, G4, G5) brought us a lot of new designs which were never seen before in the computer world. I remember the original G3 powerbook and it’s sleek black casing and bronze keys, the G3 imac, the translucent blue casing which carried on to the blue and white G3, the G4 cube with those cool Apple pro speakers, the imac G4 (which looked like Pixar’s lamp), the powerbook G4 titanium and then aluminum design (which are still the basis for macbook today), the white casing of the ibook and G5 imac, the original ufo looking airport extreme … These designs were innovative and ahead of their time. They represented the future and they were so much fun to use. I feel like Apple today has fallen behind on this design area. They’ve been playing it safe for most of these past 6 yrs and I’m no longer wow’d by what’s released because it looks just like it did a few years ago, just upgraded inner parts.

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