100,000 Hits for Mac PowerPC

Mac PowerPC is a simple project that serves to mention applications that are still available for PowerPCs.  We are very happy to archive over 100,000 hits after over 1 year!  Our only intention here is to make sure that the owners of G3/G4/G5 Macs are still able to run their machines with up to date applications (and sometimes not so up to date applications!)

We will stay around for as long as my iMac still wakes up and we would appreciate any and all donations to help us in covering the expenses we incur in keeping our blog online.  If you guys also can check out the advertisements we really appreciate it because that helps too!

Thank you all and stay tuned because I’ve been busy doing research and have got great and exciting apps to share with you.  I strive to post 3 times per week…

Until next time!

8 comments on “100,000 Hits for Mac PowerPC

  1. Pretty awesome!

    By the way, you should made a blog about ‘komodo’ an opensource code editor for Leopard PPC

    I code a lot, on my ibook G4 hehe and it was hard to find a powerful and robust code editor.

    Keep up the good work and congrats!

  2. Good news! PPC-users are still out there. Apple forgot us, but you didn’t! Thanks!
    As long as my old G4 Powermac and my iBook G4 will work, I do not intend to switch to Intel. And when they would stop working, I might be looking for another second hand G4… Leopard is still nice, why would I need Lion or Mountain Lion?

  3. PowerMac4Ever I really like to use Leopard, it’s perfect for me. When I started blogging I was using Tiger but when my iBook died I switched to Leopard and haven’t looked back. I’m looking forward to get a PowerBook G4 in the future to keep blogging everywhere – lol!

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