SeaMonkey (Browser) for Mac PowerPC

I’ve got some good news for your PowerPC machine!  Recently (08/28/12) we got a new update for SeaMonkey that is very “very” helpful for all PowerPC users because it keeps our Macs up to date!  Thumbs up for SeaMonkey and I hope to see this project advancing to further support the PowerPC world!  Show them some love guys, they’re basically all we have left!

SeaMonkey 2.12 – Leopard/PowerPC (Keep your G4/G5 out of the closet) I loved this saying! –

14 comments on “SeaMonkey (Browser) for Mac PowerPC

  1. I seem to be the only person out there who can’t run this browser. I’ve tried three different builds as they were released and I can never get it to run. Double click it to run it, it bounces in the dock and then quits. I’m on Leopard, so that can’t be the problem.

  2. I’ve never liked SeaMonkey. Just too cluttered for my taste and reminds me of the old Netscape Navigator days. Camino (even though they are on their last, they’re still releasing nightly builds every few weeks) runs on all my powerpc’s, and TenFourFox and OmniWeb come 2nd and 3rd.

  3. Ummm….Seamonkey is hardly “all we have left” for browsers. We still have tenfourfox, Camino, Leopard webkit, Auroafox, Omniweb, Sunrise, Roccat…. Omniweb and Camino are current but probably on their last iteration. Sunrise’s authors is said to have died in the tsunami in Japan last year so that is probably it for Sunrise. I am also not a huge Seamonkey fan, this version is ok, but lacks some basic modern browser features, however I fully appreciate any and all efforts to keep viable browsers for PPC macs going. I recently moved from Tiger to Leopard on my ibook G4, and I gotta say it was worth it. With Aquadocks stunning Mountain Lion theme for PPC and Leopard webkit its… having a brand spanking new mac! Well, a reasonable facsmile of one anyway. If you have a 1ghz or faster mac and you are on Tiger, I strongly suggest that now is the time to jump to Leopard. Jump I say, jump….keep an old G3 around for classic if you must.

  4. Really awesome!

    Hey, do you know about a code editor for leopard powerpc? I tried Nvu and it doesn’t display .php .css correctly =/

    I am looking for something like notepad++ or a decent editor hehe Working on ‘Text Editor’ is really hard =(

  5. I believe the best way to keep older/better technologies alive is to download and archive anything that works really well before it is no longer available to find or download. This way it may eventually become “abandonware” and still be available for others to still enjoy.

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