Pixelmator (Image Editor) for Mac PowerPC

Pixelmator (1.5.1) for Mac PowerPC

Alright, this is not the latest version of Pixelmator but we need to be happy with what we can get.  Pixelmator is a great image editor with great features to work with which allows you to customize pictures or create Images.  It’s not free but you can download a demo version and have a taste what it’s like to work with this powerful image editor.  This app would be perfect if we could update it to the latest versiont, but they say “PowerPC can not handle it!”  Sorry to tell them that the PowerMac G5 is built like a horse!  If you are tired of working with Gimp and want to challenge yourself to try something new, then Pixelmator is the software to start with.

*Pixelmator (1.5.1) PowerPC Leopard 10.5 – http://www.pixelmator.com/  or you can download the PowerPC version here:  http://www.pixelmator.com/blog/2010/02/11/pixelmator-1-5-1-is-now-available/

* If you guys are having any problem you can download 1.4 and then update to 1.5.1 – http://download.cnet.com/Pixelmator/3000-2192_4-11006491.html


P.S.:  Before you purchase this application, please send an e-mail to Pixelmator to make sure they still providing the right license for this old version.  Thank You!

5 comments on “Pixelmator (Image Editor) for Mac PowerPC

  1. wow for the price I’m surprised to see how many tools and features this has. It supports layers and is almost up to photoshop standard.

  2. I had pixelmator on my old intel mac which I sold. Now have a powerpc and got in touch with the developers for a link to 1.5 and would I be able to use my licence. Reply was licence would work but they where no longer supporting this version.

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