Monolingual for Mac PowerPC

This program will remove all the unnecessary language resources from your Mac OS X.   It’ll also save some extra space on your Hard Drive, which is good for those of you who still have a G3/G4 with a limited storage.  For example, my iMac G3 Indigo only has a capacity of 10GB.  Honestly I’m not quite sure if I would like to remove all the extra languages from the system to save only 1.5GB.  But at the end it’s all up to you, we only give the options!

* Monolingual 1.4.5 (Leopard 10.5) –

* Monolingual 1.3.9 (Tiger 10.4) –




2 comments on “Monolingual for Mac PowerPC

  1. It’s also great for stripping out Intel code from the OS and universal binaries – look under the tab “Architectures”. You can even take out G5-specific code if you’re on a G3 or G4. I’ve used it on my PB and it stripped out 1.5Gb of unused code and languages and now the PB runs much snappier and more responsive.

  2. You can save a lot of space, but it is important to use the correct version for your system. I also had problems with stripping Tiger when including the system folders. There is no problem in Leopard, even when stripping Intel-code from the system folders.
    PS: you can still find extra place if you can delete the system voices (almost 1GB), that is if you don’t use speach aid in OSX.

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