Defragmentation (iDefrag) for Mac PowerPC

Defragmentation!?  I didn’t know that we had to do that with Mac, but if by any chance you feel like your Mac needs a defrag to make it run faster, you can check out iDefrag.  This application will defragment your Hard Drive and optimize/improve the performance of your Mac.  As I mentioned before, the blog Mac PowerPC is always looking for free/open sources of applications/programs/apps, but sometimes we can not be limited to just these, as running a PowerPC becomes a challenge and often the applications will cost extra money.  If you want to have your system running to its full potential, you need to get the right software , to get the most out of the Mac PowerPCs.  I recommend that everyone takes their time and download the demo version in order to make their own decision!

* iDefrag 2.2.1 (Demo) $29.95 PowerPC Leopard 10.5 –

I would appreciate your help by clicking on the advertisement.


2 comments on “Defragmentation (iDefrag) for Mac PowerPC

  1. This is a great blog. Glad I found it, I subscribed. My G5 quad PPC rocks and I don’t want to spend thousands on new software and hardware just to get back to where I am now plus be able to watch flash videos! ;)
    I complain at companies that don’t offer PPC support. A really great app I just found is TenFourFox, a build of firefox that is up to date for PPC – and seems actually faster than the “real” firefox!

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for subscribed, we will try to bring more options of applications every week (most of the time free applications).
      Glad you liked TenFourFox, I think it’s one of the best applications for PowerPC users.

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