eBook for Mac PowerPC + PowerPC U

Today, we’ve got great news for our readers.  One of our regulars (PowerMac4Ever) gave us the great idea to convert our blog [MacPowerPC] to an eBook, so our users could have a reference guide for their PowerPCs.  We confess that in the beginning we thought that it wasn’t going to happen.  After we sat and put some thought and some research into it we realized that it could be really cool to offer an eBook to our loyal fans.  For a limited time, we are offering the complete MacPowerPC blog in PDF format absolutely FREE as a sign of appreciation to our diligent readers.  All we ask is that you subscribe to our blog and we will send a copy to your e-mail.  Should you want to offer a small donation to help keep this blog alive, we appreciate your support!

The benefits of having the blog as an eBook are that it can be saved onto any device and taken with you, wherever you go!  Subscribe now and get for Free your copy of eBook for Mac PowerPC.

Thank you PowerMac4Ever for the great idea!!!

Also we have a new page called PowerPC U >   This is a place that you can share all your favorite apps/blogs/doubts/etc.  Take your time to browse around and share with us  your results and what applications your PowerPC can’t live without, and want your fellow PowerPCers to know all about them!

5 comments on “eBook for Mac PowerPC + PowerPC U

  1. Thx!
    PS: may-be you already know, but for the other readers, here’s info how to make an eBook easy and without costs.
    Step 1: Get Open Office – it’s one of the only suites that can export in “tagged PDF-format.
    Step 2: Make your document. Use “styles” for the chapter-headings.
    Step 3: Make a table of contence using the styles. In the menu choose “insert” – “table of contence”. Choose the lay-out you want. Click on the second tab “Items” and click on the “Hyperlinks” – button. Close this window.
    Step 4: In the menu “File” choose “Print” – Click on “Export as pdf” – select “tagged pdf”.
    Step 5: Save your pdf. If you open it in Preview, you will see it has a table of contents.
    Step 6: Import it in your Calibre-library. If you want you can still convert it from pdf to epub of Mobi. The table of content will be converted too.
    The result is a nice eBook, with table of content.
    Have fun!

  2. Hi! I already follow this blog in my bloglovin-account, but now I’m subscribed through wordpress as well! How do I get my hands on the PDF? :)

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