Dropbox for Mac PowerPC

Dropbox for Mac PowerPC

It’s time to go to the clouds!  I actually just wanted to mention the name because I think all the Mac PowerPC users know what an amazing app Dropbox is.  This app is a sigh of relief for PowerPC!  It’s so simple and the way that it works is amazing.  Even today, I stop to think about it and the only thing  that comes to my mind is “how amazing this works”.  You can install it in any computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad (and essentially anything else that starts with “i”) and everything just syncs as soon as you have an internet conection.  You can check your profile on the internet in case your computer isn’t near by.  Our world travellers can scan their documents and upload them into an online folder, so they can access them from anywhere in the world.  You can also share this file/folder with friends anywhere, by just adding their e-mail address.

Get Dropbox 2GB for free and for more storage space  here: https://www.dropbox.com/ compatible for Mac, Linux, Windows and Mobile.

4 comments on “Dropbox for Mac PowerPC

  1. Dropbox is good, it can replace a bit of the iCloud which Apple unfortunately only provides for recent Macs. That’s not funny since they even provide it for Windows Vista and Seven. Leopard is much better than Vista, why iCloud is not provided for PPC? Well, luckily Dropbox is there to help us PPC-users out.

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  3. help!! why will dropbox not load onto my ibook G4 on V 10.3.9
    i cant get past step 2 of the download process? double click on the icon and the dropbox icon quickly comes up in the dock, i cant click on it , it dissapears too fast. what is happening, why wont it load…. note any replies needs to be given in step by step very clear simple directions i am not mac savvy at all!! thank you

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