Social Network for Mac PowerPC (above and later)

Social Network for Mac PowerPC (above and later)
I’m well aware that the Social Networking sites are growing somewhat tiresome, in this day and age.  I fondly remember how cool it was when ICQ first came out.  I’m sure I have a group of Atari players that remember those days too!  Then MSN came along and took over everything.  Now I sit here reflecting on 2012, and wondering if Facebook will be this popular 10 years from now.  Anyways, this post is to review a different Social Network that I came across a few days ago and was wondering if any of MacPowerPC readers would be interested to join it.  It’s called, and it’s a social network specifically for Apple fans, collectors, users, etc.  As long as you like any Apple product, this social network will fit you!  I found the profile questionnaire very interesting as well as the user groups and forums for PPC Mac Owners or Classic Mac Users, etc.  It works very similar to Facebook:   You also can chat with your friends online and search for support and questions about Apple products.  It’s totally free to join and I hope you guys like it.
See you at my apple space.

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