Multi-Safari for Mac PowerPC

Multi-Safari for Mac PowerPC

So I guess you probably are thinking “why the hell am I posting about Safari if this browser comes with all Macs?”  It’s true, all Macs come installed with this great Browser, but once you update your browser the old version is gone, so this post is to show you how you can run multiple Safari versions along with the newest version that your PowerPC can get. (Let’s put it this way, because we know that PowerPC can not go any further than 5.0.6).  Anyways, choose one or more versions of Safari that you’re missing and start playing around with it.  It won’t bring you any new or great features other than the nostalgic feeling and you probably like that because in few years we (PowerPC) community will be 10 years out of “the orchard”.

* Multi-Safari –

I myself installed Safari 2.0.4 / 3.0.4

Recently, I got some great comments about browsers compatible with Mac PowerPC. I will be posting them here very soon so keep watching!

7 comments on “Multi-Safari for Mac PowerPC

  1. This is quite interesting, thanks for the information.
    These packages are English or French. I think you can add other languages if you take the original Apple-distribution of the same Safari-version, copy the language resource for the desired language (right click “show package contents” and then go to resources folder where you find the language packages) and put it on the same place in the multi-safari package.

  2. OMG!! This is great!!! Loved Safari so much, but Version 5 is a little sluggish, even with a lot of optimizations. Have tried Pacifist to downgrade it, but sometimes still want Version 5 in order to allow some sites to work properly(such as my university’s internal web platform)…

    Now this is great that we can keep more than one version, and use the one when appropriate..

    Thanks for the post.

  3. A nice feature of Google Chrome is the possibility to translate foreign webpages into English (or vice versa). Safari can do the same if you install the “Translate Safari Extension”. You can find it on
    It sets a button in Safari. When you push the button, the active page is translated. The extension had settings in which you can choose the language in which it has to translate and in which you can choose “in-page” of “in-frame” translation.

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