Happy Anniversary for Mac PowerPC 

Happy Anniversary for Mac PowerPC ( Year)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!!   One year has passed since I had the pleasure of starting this blog!  I remember it like was yesterday! When I first got started. I was driving myself crazy searching for apps/software to use on my iBook G4.  I was so frustrated because I did not have any support from most applications or  OSX.  I also didn’t want to turn off my beautiful computer that had been following me for so long, it just wasn’t fair.  So I made the decision to create this blog, because I knew that I was not alone on this.  I created this blog as a project where powerpc users could be in touch with each other  and share our experiences to survive this Intel world.  Well we crossed all the way through 2011, and made it halfway through 2012.  Let’s see how the rest of this year pans out!   I read online that Apple wants to change the processor for their next generation, so I think Core2Duo will be out of support soon  and we all know where this will end up: http://macintel.wordpress.com (?) (lol lol lol).

So the Mac PowerPC project still continues on and we are looking forward to keep posting about all the wonderful apps that will help us to stay conected,  even after years without official Apple support.

Thanks to all my loyal readers for their support, comments and suggestions.  I look forward to helping the PowerPC march bravely into 2013 and beyond!  I have quite few apps/softwares that I will be posting here soon, so stay tuned for more.  Thank you all guys.

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4 comments on “Happy Anniversary for Mac PowerPC 

  1. Great! Let’s go on with this wonderful blog. PPC-users in all countries, let’s unite! :-)
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you very much for creating this page! You are doing all the dirty work Apple left behind after the switch & I for one appreciate it dearly. I am new to the Mac world and just got my first iBook G4 barely a week ago. Thanks to your lovely page I have found plenty of valuable information about my PPC and I don’t feel so disconnected from the Intel world, although Netflix would be nice to use, I at least found a viable version of Photoshop. Again thank you for your PPC dedication and carry on doing what you do.

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