Update for Leopard Mac PowerPC

Update for Leopard Mac PowerPC

This afternoon when I was researching PowerPC compatible apps, I read a post about an update to Leopard on the site 9To5Mac that includes a flashback removal tool that Apple just released.  I honestly thought that by using my PowerPC, I would be safe from  viruses and trojans that surround the internet world.  Maybe we Mac users are not 100% safe, but I still don’t think we are the main focus of people trying to attack our computers.  Anyways, I digress:  download this update from the attached link: http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/42931/leopard-security-update-2012-003I was checking the comments and it seems that the PPC users are having some problems installing it.  Feedback is that it could be a mistake and the update may be for Intel only.  Anyways it’s worth a look…


6 comments on “Update for Leopard Mac PowerPC

  1. The update is just meant to resolve Flash problems in Safari. I wouldn’t bother. I use Firefox 3.6.28 on my PowerMac G4 Dual 867Mhz 10.5.8 and it’s running fine, smooth and fast, about 10 hours per day, every day (fore 11 years now!). I won’t change my machine for a newer Mac as long as it’s not broken. Everything works fine, I can do everything I need to do, so why would I? PowerMac G4 4ever!

  2. I’ve been disappointed with Apple’s policy towards older Macs ever since the Intel switch. They seem quite anxious to deprecate older models any way they can and force purchases of newer machines. Plus, they still haven’t produced an AMD CPU option for stubborn pokes like me.

    • That’s true, did you guys heard that Macintosh with Intel Core 2 will be the next to become obsolete. It seems Mountain Lion won’t run 100% with Core 2 Macs. I can not believe how fast computers become junk.

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