iTunes Alarms For Mac PowerPC

iTunes Alarms For Mac PowerPC

Here’s the thing… I think most of us use cellphones as our primary alarm clocks, but think again, “wouldn’t it be nice if our alarm plays music from our iTunes library?”  Look no further, I have 2 apps that make this happen!  Sometimes it’s so frustrating when we are enjoying our slumber and suddenly a ship horn starts sounding, forcing us back into reality.  I used to long for the days where I could atleast wake up to the sounds of my favourite songs.  Now we have our chance!

* iTunes Alarm 2.1.4 FREE (runs on Tiger or later) It’s an easy way to wake up your computer/you without that terrible “cellphone noise”.  Now you will wake up with music that you choose.  Perfect for Saturday/Sundays!  This way, your computer wakes up before you do and it lets you wake up with music from Pick of the Week (Starbucks), just don’t forget to get the cards and redeem the free music.  If you’re smart and set your coffee maker’s timer, you’ll be able to wake up and feel like you’re in a coffee shop!

* iTaf 2.2.3 FREE (runs on Tiger or later) It does the same job:  It wakes your computer up and then you (I guess).  My only words of wisdom:  be careful you’re not too comfortable, otherwise you’ll end up falling back asleep, to the sounds of your favourite music!  You might want to choose some hard rock, heavy metal or punk music to make sure you pull yourself out of bed, and not fall back asleep!

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