Browser for Web Developers for Mac PowerPC

Web Browser for Web Developers for Mac PowerPC

* Sunrise 2.2.1 – Free –

* Sunrise 2.1.5 it’s the version that will work for 10.5 (PowerPC) Thank you NyMaxmo for sharing.

Now I realize that it says it requires Intel, but turns out it actually works for a PowerPC 10.5.  At the moment I’m not running 10.5, so I couldn’t try it..  But when you download the browser, it lists notes itself as a Binary file.  I conducted some research about this software, and found that it’s developed with Cocoa/Objective-C by Xcode, and uses the same KHTML rendering engine as Safari.  So if you are a web developer, you’ll probably enjoy this tool!  I appreciate if you’d share some comments with us and let us know how it worked out for you!!

P.S.: According to this site ( it has a Universal Binary, so Sunrise will shine on your PowerPC 10.5.

Keep PowerPCing!

6 comments on “Browser for Web Developers for Mac PowerPC

  1. 2.2.1 didn’t work on my PowerPC machine with 10.5.8. However I downloaded an older version from the legacy download pages, it works.

    Since I am a general user, I don’t need all those developer features, so I remove all those commands and buttons, works great.

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