iBank 4: Gold Standard for Money Management for Mac PowerPC

iBank 4 Gold Standard for Money Management for Mac PowerPC (4.3.4 the last update for PPC OS X 10.5)


While doing some regular powerpc research, I came across some software that helps you to track your expenses and to control your finances.  The app is called iBank and is a pretty complete program with a very intuitive interface.  Once I tried the app, I decided to add it to my financial software reviews for the blog, but I wanted to make a single post, specific to iBank, because I was so impressed.

I know the idea of this blog is to always point out free software or open sources, but these days, we are not limited to only using them.  And in my opinion, any company that supports PowerPC should be supported by us PowerPC users.  Anyways, iBank 4 is a really easy-to-use app and it has a lot of great features that you would be impressed to use.  You’ll be amazed at how organized your bills will become, but you still need to work hard to keep the income coming in and ensure your spending doesn’t let your money escape!

After you install your new gold standard for money management, you will be asked to create a new iBank document.  Then all you need to do is to choose a save location, your operating currency and either a home or business category and you are ready to go!

I decided to create 3 accounts just to start.  I created a Checking account, a Savings account and a Cash account, after that it was really easy to download my online account data, manage my transactions, check my reports etc.  I was also able to schedule transactions, make my own budget and create group account

s.   In fact, it seemed as though there were no limits to the type of transactions I could complete with iBank 4.  After I was done, I was able to back everything up and synchronize everything with my devices.  One important tip:  don’t forget to download the free widget for your dashboard to a fast sneak peek on your budget and iBank transactions!

I firmly believe this to be a gold standard product, and the best “bang for your buck!”

Unfortunately this will be the last update for PowerPC I think iBank decide from now on update for intel only.




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One comment on “iBank 4: Gold Standard for Money Management for Mac PowerPC

  1. Probably best finance app for the Mac. Use it since last year (with Quicken background).
    Recommend to complement it with Numeric Notes for finance calculations.

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