Blogs/Sites for Mac PowerPC

Blogs/Sites for Mac PowerPC

In this post I wanted to share blogs/sites that I check often for news & information with my PowerPC fans.  There are a good number of people out there that are on the same page as us and they support our goal of keeping our processors running for as long as as they can;

*LowEndMac – – It’s a really good place for resource, software, news, articles, etc.  They are online since 1997 and I recommend clicking here!.

*TigerOSX Tiger is Here – – This is like my “sister site / brother blog” and I visit it almost every day.  Recently, the blogger took a vacation but he is alive and posting!  His post about  AppleWorks6 is really good material/tutorial!   I would say this blog is a must not just for Tiger but for all PowerPC users.  Leopard users should watch out…because the Tiger is HERE!

*OldApps – – They support old apps of the 3 main OS, Mac, Linux and Doors oops sorry I mean Windows.  If you are still running an old computer you must check this site… you will find great apps available.

*PowerPC Software Archive – – For PowerPC users this is a great site that supports G3/G4/G5 (you can not go wrong), it’s all organized in tabs (Internet / video & audio/ text & document/ utilities, etc.)  Some of the apps have an option of Mirror downloading or a link to the Official web site.  They already have a good resource of apps/software, and a visit is a must.  Their own words: “We have made our best attempt to deliver the last PowerPC versions of various Macintosh software, so that you may continue to extend the life of your computers.“

*PPC LUDDITE – – They always supply great information, options, sources for PowerPC machines.  It’s the perfect blog to check on a regular basis and you will always find great material.  “Living PowerPC in the age of Intel”.

*Macintosh Garden – – It’s a place for  abandonware!  Here we can find games/apps/software/emulators/etc.  Even software for OS 9 and above.  Browse around and I’m sure you’ll download a few things.

*My Mac Collection – –  Also a “sister site / brother blog” that just started and already has great material available online, giving you great selections of software and tips on how to optimize your macintosh.

*F.A.Q for PowerPC Macs –

*And the Museum sites, I don’t know about you but I love to check old computers:


* (this is a nice site, but looks like it’s offline, I will try again later)

Alright!  Post done!   I hope you guys like it because with these sites/blogs online, your Mac won’t be out of date!  WE won’t let your Mac be dust in the wind!

Please, if you have any favorite web-site/blog share with us on comments:

Social Network for Mac PowerPC (above and later)

Social Network for Mac PowerPC (above and later)
I’m well aware that the Social Networking sites are growing somewhat tiresome, in this day and age.  I fondly remember how cool it was when ICQ first came out.  I’m sure I have a group of Atari players that remember those days too!  Then MSN came along and took over everything.  Now I sit here reflecting on 2012, and wondering if Facebook will be this popular 10 years from now.  Anyways, this post is to review a different Social Network that I came across a few days ago and was wondering if any of MacPowerPC readers would be interested to join it.  It’s called, and it’s a social network specifically for Apple fans, collectors, users, etc.  As long as you like any Apple product, this social network will fit you!  I found the profile questionnaire very interesting as well as the user groups and forums for PPC Mac Owners or Classic Mac Users, etc.  It works very similar to Facebook:   You also can chat with your friends online and search for support and questions about Apple products.  It’s totally free to join and I hope you guys like it.
See you at my apple space.

Teleport (share your mouse + keyboard) for Mac PowerPC

Teleport (share your mouse + keyboard) for Mac PowerPC;

Alright it’s Monday morning and today is my day off!  What a perfect day to post some good news for those people that have 2 or more Mac Computers running side by side.  I’ve got a plugins for you that is compatible with both PowerPC and Intel.

A few days ago I asked my followers on Twitter/Facebook if by any chance we have any Mac PowerPC users that have more than one Mac, resulting in quite a few admissions!  You also can take a look here:

I was curious because I found this amazing and I will say it one more time “AMAZING” software to share with all of you!  This plugin is called Teleport and it will allow you to control 2 or more computers with only one mouse and keyboard.  I don’t know if you guys have already found out a way to do that, but sometime back I was researching about this function, and found that it was kind of expensive to get software that would allow you to share a keyboard and mouse between 2 computers.  So when I found this, I probably jumped for at least 5 minutes!  It’s really cool the way it works, it’s like magic!  Don’t waste any time and go to the links below and choose the one that best fits you and let’s us know how it worked out for your Mac setup.

*Teleport 1.0.1 – PowerPC

*Teleport 1.0.2 – Snow Leopard / Leopard  (in case you have an  Intel)

*Teleport 1.1.1 – Lion / Snow Leopard (in case you have an Intel)


This plugin is fully compatible with Mac PowerPC and Mac Intel.  Note: you will have to download 1.0.1 for PowerPC and 1.0.2 or 1.1.1 for Intel and both will work just fine!

PostBox Express/Premium Mail Client for Mac PowerPC

PostBox Express/Premium Mail Client for Mac Powerpc

Ok here is the thing, a long time ago I was searching for a good mail client for my Mac PowerPC, but all my research could turn up was Thunderbird and Mail being my best option!  Everybody knows that Thunderbird dropped the support for Mac PowerPC and right now they are operating at version 12.0.1 leaving us behind at 3.1.20.  But well, what to do, this is life and we’ve known the feeling for a long time now, so it’s time to move on with the available options!

Recently the project TenFourFox decided to release TenFourBird 10.0.4 which is the equivalent to the newest version of Thunderbird and runs on Mac G3/G4/G5.  This news made the majority of the PowerPC users really happy because we finally would be able to have a good mail client.  Anyways, a few weeks ago it happened that I found this app called PostBox Express 1.0.1 that runs on PowerPC 10.4/10.5.  It’s an amazing app: simple and powerful, and works with most e-mail accounts including even “Hotmail” accounts.  It’s too bad that the pay version 3.0.3 is for intel only, otherwise it would be perfect because it has more features than the express version.  I need to point out that the free version is based on the same platform as the premium version, but clearly with less features, making it a good option for home users.  We can not run 3.0.3 but Leopard users running 10.5 I have good news, you will be able to install the Premium/First Class 2.1.5 (trial version – 30 days).  I don’t know how much it will cost to get this version but if you try and would like to share information with the rest of us in the comments section, we’d much appreciate it!

*PostBox Express 1.0.1 (Free) –

*PostBox Premium/First Class 2.1.5 (Demo) – 

More about:

Multi-Safari for Mac PowerPC

Multi-Safari for Mac PowerPC

So I guess you probably are thinking “why the hell am I posting about Safari if this browser comes with all Macs?”  It’s true, all Macs come installed with this great Browser, but once you update your browser the old version is gone, so this post is to show you how you can run multiple Safari versions along with the newest version that your PowerPC can get. (Let’s put it this way, because we know that PowerPC can not go any further than 5.0.6).  Anyways, choose one or more versions of Safari that you’re missing and start playing around with it.  It won’t bring you any new or great features other than the nostalgic feeling and you probably like that because in few years we (PowerPC) community will be 10 years out of “the orchard”.

* Multi-Safari –

I myself installed Safari 2.0.4 / 3.0.4

Recently, I got some great comments about browsers compatible with Mac PowerPC. I will be posting them here very soon so keep watching!

Happy Anniversary for Mac PowerPC 

Happy Anniversary for Mac PowerPC ( Year)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs!!!   One year has passed since I had the pleasure of starting this blog!  I remember it like was yesterday! When I first got started. I was driving myself crazy searching for apps/software to use on my iBook G4.  I was so frustrated because I did not have any support from most applications or  OSX.  I also didn’t want to turn off my beautiful computer that had been following me for so long, it just wasn’t fair.  So I made the decision to create this blog, because I knew that I was not alone on this.  I created this blog as a project where powerpc users could be in touch with each other  and share our experiences to survive this Intel world.  Well we crossed all the way through 2011, and made it halfway through 2012.  Let’s see how the rest of this year pans out!   I read online that Apple wants to change the processor for their next generation, so I think Core2Duo will be out of support soon  and we all know where this will end up: (?) (lol lol lol).

So the Mac PowerPC project still continues on and we are looking forward to keep posting about all the wonderful apps that will help us to stay conected,  even after years without official Apple support.

Thanks to all my loyal readers for their support, comments and suggestions.  I look forward to helping the PowerPC march bravely into 2013 and beyond!  I have quite few apps/softwares that I will be posting here soon, so stay tuned for more.  Thank you all guys.

Update for Leopard Mac PowerPC

Update for Leopard Mac PowerPC

This afternoon when I was researching PowerPC compatible apps, I read a post about an update to Leopard on the site 9To5Mac that includes a flashback removal tool that Apple just released.  I honestly thought that by using my PowerPC, I would be safe from  viruses and trojans that surround the internet world.  Maybe we Mac users are not 100% safe, but I still don’t think we are the main focus of people trying to attack our computers.  Anyways, I digress:  download this update from the attached link: was checking the comments and it seems that the PPC users are having some problems installing it.  Feedback is that it could be a mistake and the update may be for Intel only.  Anyways it’s worth a look…


iTunes Alarms For Mac PowerPC

iTunes Alarms For Mac PowerPC

Here’s the thing… I think most of us use cellphones as our primary alarm clocks, but think again, “wouldn’t it be nice if our alarm plays music from our iTunes library?”  Look no further, I have 2 apps that make this happen!  Sometimes it’s so frustrating when we are enjoying our slumber and suddenly a ship horn starts sounding, forcing us back into reality.  I used to long for the days where I could atleast wake up to the sounds of my favourite songs.  Now we have our chance!

* iTunes Alarm 2.1.4 FREE (runs on Tiger or later) It’s an easy way to wake up your computer/you without that terrible “cellphone noise”.  Now you will wake up with music that you choose.  Perfect for Saturday/Sundays!  This way, your computer wakes up before you do and it lets you wake up with music from Pick of the Week (Starbucks), just don’t forget to get the cards and redeem the free music.  If you’re smart and set your coffee maker’s timer, you’ll be able to wake up and feel like you’re in a coffee shop!

* iTaf 2.2.3 FREE (runs on Tiger or later) It does the same job:  It wakes your computer up and then you (I guess).  My only words of wisdom:  be careful you’re not too comfortable, otherwise you’ll end up falling back asleep, to the sounds of your favourite music!  You might want to choose some hard rock, heavy metal or punk music to make sure you pull yourself out of bed, and not fall back asleep!

Browser for Web Developers for Mac PowerPC

Web Browser for Web Developers for Mac PowerPC

* Sunrise 2.2.1 – Free –

* Sunrise 2.1.5 it’s the version that will work for 10.5 (PowerPC) Thank you NyMaxmo for sharing.

Now I realize that it says it requires Intel, but turns out it actually works for a PowerPC 10.5.  At the moment I’m not running 10.5, so I couldn’t try it..  But when you download the browser, it lists notes itself as a Binary file.  I conducted some research about this software, and found that it’s developed with Cocoa/Objective-C by Xcode, and uses the same KHTML rendering engine as Safari.  So if you are a web developer, you’ll probably enjoy this tool!  I appreciate if you’d share some comments with us and let us know how it worked out for you!!

P.S.: According to this site ( it has a Universal Binary, so Sunrise will shine on your PowerPC 10.5.

Keep PowerPCing!

iBank 4: Gold Standard for Money Management for Mac PowerPC

iBank 4 Gold Standard for Money Management for Mac PowerPC (4.3.4 the last update for PPC OS X 10.5)

While doing some regular powerpc research, I came across some software that helps you to track your expenses and to control your finances.  The app is called iBank and is a pretty complete program with a very intuitive interface.  Once I tried the app, I decided to add it to my financial software reviews for the blog, but I wanted to make a single post, specific to iBank, because I was so impressed.

I know the idea of this blog is to always point out free software or open sources, but these days, we are not limited to only using them.  And in my opinion, any company that supports PowerPC should be supported by us PowerPC users.  Anyways, iBank 4 is a really easy-to-use app and it has a lot of great features that you would be impressed to use.  You’ll be amazed at how organized your bills will become, but you still need to work hard to keep the income coming in and ensure your spending doesn’t let your money escape!

After you install your new gold standard for money management, you will be asked to create a new iBank document.  Then all you need to do is to choose a save location, your operating currency and either a home or business category and you are ready to go!

I decided to create 3 accounts just to start.  I created a Checking account, a Savings account and a Cash account, after that it was really easy to download my online account data, manage my transactions, check my reports etc.  I was also able to schedule transactions, make my own budget and create group account

s.   In fact, it seemed as though there were no limits to the type of transactions I could complete with iBank 4.  After I was done, I was able to back everything up and synchronize everything with my devices.  One important tip:  don’t forget to download the free widget for your dashboard to a fast sneak peek on your budget and iBank transactions!

I firmly believe this to be a gold standard product, and the best “bang for your buck!”

Unfortunately this will be the last update for PowerPC I think iBank decide from now on update for intel only.




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