Anti-Virus For Mac PowerPC

The safe days of computing are long gone, it’s sad but true, and even Mac OS are affected.   These days, Mac is as unprotected as Windows or maybe worse, because we never had to worry about virus’s affecting our operating systems until now.  Who to blame? Good question because I have no idea.  Apple became so popular with the launch of products like iPod’s/ iPhones and iPads that now they are the biggest technology manufacturer in the world.  So the first thing you should do is go to the web-sites below and make sure that your mac will be safe from people trying to get your password, etc.

* Sophos – (The Best) It works perfectly with PPC 10.4 or later and it doesn’t use all your memory ram.  Keep your computer protected from the latest viruses, trojans, worms and malicious spyware, Sophos scans your computer constantly in real time. 

* ClamXav – It’s a simple, clean and easy to use anti-virus program, but don’t judge it for the simplicity, because it’s very powerful software and will keep your Mac PowerPC safe from viruses.  You can customize what you want scanned, or just activate it to monitor your hard drive in real time.

* MacKeeper – What to say about MacKeeper…  This software just about does everything possible to make your Mac clean and healthy.  I actually believe this software to be like the “department of public health” for your Mac, if you know what I mean.  Check out the web-site, because sometimes they offer discounts or coupons, and you can get this amazing software for a great price.  Once you install it you will never have to be worried again!  Pricing starts around $38.95.

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11 comments on “Anti-Virus For Mac PowerPC

  1. Nice to find a blog dedicated to PowerPC users….I just upgraded my little G4 laptop to Leopard from Tiger and have been having trouble finding the right versions of software’s I’d had in Tiger that will work on Leopard in PowerPC architecture…….you wouldn’t happen to know if PhoneDisk comes in a PowerPC install do you? Supposedly will work on PowerPC, but I just installed and launched it, it told me it wasn’t supported on my architecture…..I’d previously installed then uninstalled the newer version, maybe there’s some files left over from that? Or do you know of another version that WILL work?

  2. So I was gonna give the free trial offer at a whirl, so you gotta fill out this and that, and then they want my phone number too? and it’s a required field? Nope, don’t think so! I get quite enough bs calls from all sorts eating up my cell minutes, and there is ZERO reason for me to want to give them my cell phone number . I’ll move on and try out one of your other recommendations on the list. ……. and thanks for keeping the PwrPC folk up to date with our out of date macs!

  3. I tried Sophos Anti-Virus on my G5 Mac I just picked up. It’s a 1.6GHz with 3 gigs of RAM, light on CPU but with the RAM it runs OSX 10.5.8 with snap. But if Sophos can’t reach the Internet to check for updates, it suddenly starts increasing CPU usage by 40-50%. Then I tried running SuperDuper to dupe the boot drive to a larger HD and it proceeded to have a Kernel Panic crash three times in a row. After I uninstalled Sophos it worked just fine. Now, this Mac was bought used, so there may be something funny going on in there, but it doesn’t have any visible problems unless Sophos is running. I’m off to try Avira or ClamXAV myself.

  4. Thanks for the survey. Keep in mind that using virus protection containing an activity scanner (for instance Sophos) will slow down your Mac. It is constantly loaded in your memory and using processor and memory to control all possible processes.
    To be honest: who is nowadays gonna make viruses for PPC-Macs? Not to many would. I am more afraid of security leaks in browsers since most of the PPC-users cannot be updated anymore. Personally I don’t use a virus scanner on my Powermac, in all these years I had no problems at all. I only do worry about possible information leaks in the browsers.

  5. I’ve really become suspect of Safari and Facebook because my hard drive is really busy at times, slows my computer down to a stop so I force quit safari with the keyboard commands, and sometimes that won’t do it so I force quit the computer. I’ll have to find something to let me know if anything fishy is happening ….

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