Clean Your Mac PowerPC

Who doesn’t want to see their Mac clean and healthy? Well this post is for you. I keep saying but actually it’s true, the life of the Mac Intel Processor  is so easy, you guys can choose any app you like. For PowerPC users it’s not this way at all.  We have to hunt for something that is still available or working good. If you choose to keep your PowerPC running 10.4 (Tiger) because it runs faster than 10.5 (Leopard), you are in more trouble.  Anyways, I found some apps that run in a PowerPC running 10.4. Here they care:

CleanMyMac (the best, but is not free) – $49.95 – this app cleans all your trash and cookies, etc.

AppCleaner (This apps helps you to uninstall programs, it’s really easy to use and uninstalls all the trash left behind by some programs.

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