Browsers For Mac PowerPC

Here is the thing there are good choices for PowerPC but there are much more for Intel. It’s unbelievable why they stopping doing browsers for our old PPC. Anyway, I think the most sad thing for a PPC user is not be able to use Google Chrome. But follow a list of good Browsers:

* TenFourFox (the only one that support HTML5):                                                   

* Camino (one of the best)                                                                                               

* FireFox (3.6)                                                                                                                    

* Safari (there is no link because is already on your computer, sadly Apple don’t update anymore)

* Opera (10.63)                                                                

* OminiWeb (this is a great browser)                                                                      


* Flock (2.0) Was really good too, but they discontinued

* NetScape                                                                                                                            

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25 comments on “Browsers For Mac PowerPC

  1. Thank you so much! I really wanted to know if google chrome was for ppc. Also I wanted to know if you could install Opera on a ppc. My dad has a Intell (mac os Lion) but he never lets me go on the internet. So no Chrome for me. I went to a website that showed all the web browsers and Opera sounded good for me.

  2. My dad says Opera is for grown-ups (I am a kid) so do you have any suggestions for browsers that are good for kids?

  3. TenfourFox version 17 is out. Localizations are available in German, French, Italian, Polish and Swedish… Waiting for Dutch still… :-)

  4. There’s a new browser out for os x leopard–ppc or intel. It’s called Stainless, and it’s just like Chrome–even better I think, but it’s still Beta. Some things don’t work.

  5. Actually, now that I’ve downloaded and tried the Aurora browser (, I’ve decide to ignore my own advice! It’s a much more up-to-date browser and even Google Drive and don’t pop up with a warning that it’s out of date. My new advice: Download Aurorafox, enjoy & and long live the powerpc :-)

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  7. I tried Opera 10.63. I must say it is fast. I only have 512MB of RAM in my iBook. Others browsers are constantly flushing to the hard drive, Opera does not. So it is interesting if you you have low ram specs.

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